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Entre les feuilles | Ève K. Tremblay : Photographies 2000-2014

Entre les feuilles

Solo Maison de diffusion Parc Extension

Montréal, 26.11.2014 - 18.01.2015

Opening from 17:30 to 19:00, Wednesday, Nov. 26.

Living broadcast Parc-Extension 421, rue Saint-Roch Montreal (Quebec) H3N 1K2


Between the sheets. A rock. Pages. Sail boats on the beach. In the sand draw pyrometric cones. Melted. Liquefied. Psychoanalysis of Fire. Read Gaston B. Ceramics. Mineral my madeleines. Oh Proust! Small rocks associated with water. Vitrified. Wreck impulses. Colds. Become boats, they fly. Books. Sails. Words. Wings. Story of the reconciliation of fire and water. Novel chemistries became possible.

Photographic rewrites. Transformations. Seizures. Ritual of photons on frosted glass. Menuet optic nerve and lens. The lines flow and lighten. Figures in the squares. Waves and particles behavior in mirrors. The morning of pixels. Plasticity tests. Together. Subsets. Without all. Intersect bridges. The papers. Gelatin. Thin and delicious aspic with silver metal. For self and guests. Onlines title words in the open field of possibilities:

Early Memory of a Young Girl row. Seed archive. Tropisms, Pause. Bush pee. Chinese cigarette. Jeanne receuillie. Palm foot. Towards the light. Memo Mishima. Swan. Lethe. Red castle Cano. Sabre. On the Other Side. Together. White boat. Jeanne doll. Ariane Animae. Kofpsalat (suspended). The solitary kiss. The bad start. The Sleeping Beauty. Read globe. Lovers of Lake Vostok. Sleepwalker In Garden. Following pyrometric cones, EKTFF451 / EKTFF451, Memory Care, Neural & Zoizos Prehistoric ...

Eve K. Tremblay November 2014


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