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Past Resident | Gabriel Schmitz

Gabriel Schmitz (1970, Dortmund, Germany) took up his studies of painting in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1990 and then proceeded to do a Master in European Fine Art in Barcelona where he has lived and worked since 1994. Since then he has exhibited on a regular basis in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, London, Oslo and the United States. His work shows a profound interest in the human being, either doing portraits or painting figures in loosely defined settings, urban surroundings or interiors, often with a desolate air to it. Cultural icons such as writers, artists or dancers serve as references in other works. His style is often sparse and sketchy, but his figures achieve a strong presence facing the spectator.

Parallel to his painting he has never abandoned the practise of drawing, mostly charcoal on paper, and he also embarks on projects that create new contexts for his work, as for example in his recent series “Walking with Alÿs”, in which he took photographs of two charcoal-drawn figures on the streets of New Jersey and New York.

During his residency here at ESKFF, Schmitz partook in his charcoal-drawn figure series as well as his unique oil paintings. The amazing video here his shared with us from Schmitz himself. It highlights some of the works created during the ESKFF residency, currently on view at the Jordi Barnadas Gallery in Barcelona until the 11th of November 2017. ESKFF is proud to be apart of this inspiration and look forward to the future of Schmitz' career.

Video by Gabriel Schmitz

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