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Danielle Scott

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Daria Kulikova

Born in Leninogorsk in a very small but picturesque town in Russia . 

Daria has been influenced by her architectural studies at Sgasy Architecture College in Russia and inspired from her extensive travels in Spain, Thailand and Maldives. A published photographer with her own studio in LA. Daria couldn't be stopped from finding time to pursue her true passion ; the need to share her personal feelings and the beauty she sees in the World through the canvas. "I have to paint. I can't stop in the same way I can't stop breathing. It's my reason for being. My pictures tell a story. A story that comes from a hidden part of the Universe which I do not fully control. Unless I am Sharing I cannot be happy." Daria's current focus is on oil painting but is experimenting with drawing, ink and acrylic. She has been recently influenced by Egyptian geometric and architectural design and its ability to survive millenniums of time.


December 2015 - resident at ESKFF residency program at 
Mana Contemporary Art Gallery, Jersey City


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