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Workshops at ESKFF


ESKFF is pleased to offer workshops to the community hosted by past residents. The workshop is aimed to expose techniques and processes that artists have executed or developed during the residency. This approach gives accessibility to the diverse community of artists that work with the residency program.


** 20% of profits are returned to ESKFF for the continuity and sustainability of yearly programming.

Dyes & Paper Making workshop
Saturday June 23, 2018 | 10AM - 1PM
Sunday June 24, 2018 | 10Am - 1PM

In this two part workshop, the student will learn a variety of techniques. The first day will include a workshop with natural dyes and pulp preparation. A variety of pulp textures will be explored. The fabric in liquid can form different structures to create paperl. Materials used in the previous workship with dye can also be transformed into handmade paper or used as coloring agents. The paper will be set to dry overnight. Dyes explored will include tumeric, brazilwood, cochineal, chamomile, and red cabbage.

The second day, students will take their dyed fabrics and handmade paper and apply a variety of techniques to sew, flatten, or sculpt with the material. All students can take all their work home. All materials and supplies will be included.
Past 2016 Winter ESKFF resident, Kristianne Molina is a Filippine artist born in Manila, Philippines and received her BFA from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. Her interdisciplinary practice include deconstructing natural dyeing techniques as a painting process and textiles. During the XI Florence Biennale in Italy and Kristianne received the 5th prize in Textile and Fiber Arts. She has exhibited at Mana Contemporary, Seoul, Korea with the Textile Study Group of NY, New York, and Manila, Philippines.
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