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Gabriele Grones

Medium: Painting - Figurative painting / Oil on canvas

Born in Arabba, Italy (1983)

Currently in Rovigo, Italy


Gabriele Grones is a painter and visual artist. In 2009 he received his MFA in painting and visual arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Italy.Grones has exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions, in museums and institutions including National Portrait Gallery (London, UK); Venice Biennale (Italy); MEAM Museum (Barcelona, Spain); MART Museum (Italy); Fort Wayne Museum (Indiana, USA). His paintings have been selected for numerous art awards and his works are included in several public and private collections.


I am a painter and visual artist. I make highly realistic paintings in oil on canvas, usually representing two main narrative trends: portraits and details of nature. Even if apparently so far apart, the subjects allude to the main theme of iconic and symbolic images evoking the complexity of reality around us. The representation of isolated faces or close-up of little turfs of grass, both reflect on the relations between elements of our experience, pointing out how everything may contain a poetical intimate aspect and a subtle connection with art history.


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