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Danielle Scott

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Perdita Sinclair

Jellyfish numbers have exponentially risen globally as a result of humans polluting the oceans. Industries across the globe release nitrates into the water which feed algae which in turn feed the jellyfish. This bloom is particularly apparent around the South China Sea. This population rise mirrors mankind’s own population crisis. I caught a snapshot of this dystopia on two resent trips to China which helped to inspire the ‘Jellyfish’ paintings. The paintings combine jellyfish with the female human form. These compositions push beyond the space that either of these beings would physically inhabit. This extra inhabited space represents the vast tangle of conscious and unconscious states that flows through us all. Our evolutionary adaptations are ill equipped to deal with the fast paced, cognitive dissidence and complexity of the modern world. Through working with human-animal hybrid my work raises questions about inherent human nature and the turbulent relationship that we have with the Earth and it’s other inhabitants. In my residency at ESKFF I am exploring the inhabitance of the deep in a by reimagining deep sea creatures into semi abstract forms. To these forms points of coloured reference are attached like clothes labels. My work walks the line between representational and abstraction. This line or tipping point where the physical meets the psyche is a common thread through out my practice. I conduct residencies in a pathology labs where I make work during human dissections. Whilst questions about mortality are inevitable in such settings, there are also a plethora of other strong emotions and thoughts that crowd the mind. The incredible form and colours that are revealed during the dissections inform the internal aspect of my work whilst live life model, animals and seeds inform the external form. This play between internal and external life can be seen in my sculptural practice as well as my paintings. I am currently artist in residence at the Millennium Seed Bank, Kew, Wakehurst were I have been making work about seed dispersal.


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