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Ataraxia - 2014

Acrylic on canvas

24 x 36 inches


Courtesy of ESKFF / Artist Resident 


​Est. Value $300

Kirti Bansal


Kirti Bansal is an Indian artist based in Jersey City. The results of her upbringing have influenced her perception to believe that there are no accomplishments if there are no “mistakes” or “accidents”. She emphasizes process and development of her ideas rather than the product. She empties her mind of conventional methods of drawing and lets her hands and eyes control her. Together, they create harmony, like yin and yang. The work responds to surrounding environments by fracturing them into a convolution of expressive matter. There is a stress on aesthetics with her frugal hit and miss indications of bold color. Kirti’s focus is to frame instances that would go unnoticed in their original context. With a conceptual approach, she creates intense personal moments by means of rules and errors, acceptance and refusal, luring the viewer round and round in circles. She is currently an aspiring designer pursuing her education of Graphic Design at Montclair State University in Montclair, NJ.

Installation Derivative #1  - 2014

Pen and pencil on paper

22 x 30 inches


Courtesy of ESKFF / Artist Resident 


​Est. Value $400

Gianluca Bianchino


Gianluca Bianchino is a multimedia artist living and working in northern New Jersey. Originally from Italy, Gianluca attended an Architectural magnet school in Avellino before relocating to the US where he enrolled at New Jersey City University to receive a BFA in painting. In 2011 he completed his studies with an MFA from Montclair State University focused on sculpture/installation.
Gianluca has maintained a studio practice for over ten years in Northern New Jersey, for nearly a decade in the thriving arts district of Newark NJ, and currently in Jersey City.
Bianchino exhibits regularly throughout the greater New York area. Recent exhibits include The Painting Center, NY and at Chashama Chelsea Project Space, NY and a solo exhibit at Index Art Center, Newark, NJ which is reviewed in the April 2013 edition of Sculpture Magazine.
Gianluca’s current body of work is inspired by cosmology and physics.

Papa - 2014

Acrylic on canvas

30 x 40 inches


Courtesy of ESKFF / Artist Resident 


​Est. Value $500

Daniela Coca



Cecilia Collantes


Cecilia Collantes is a Peruvian visual and performance artist. Through her work, she discusses and emphasizes selected signs and symbols from social media and

fashion, that pertain to the subject of social change and self presentation, appropriating and representing contemporary social visual codes that influence the individual, its behavior, thoughts and identity.
Her performance work often refers to ceremonial practices linked to memories of her home country in Perú, Archaeology and ambivalence, assumption and reinterpretation of evidences of the past for the reconstruction history.
She received her education in fine arts and performance at the University of the Arts in Berlin and Universidad Católica in Lima. She was also formerly trained as a contemporary dancer. She has exhibited work in Berlin, Jakarta, Lima and Bangkok. 

La Flor - 2014

Oil, gouache, and pigment powder on wood panel 40 x 40 inches


Courtesy of ESKFF / Artist Resident 


​Est. Value $3,000

Couple (AJCR1) - 2014

Oil on canvas

24 x 24 inches


Courtesy of ESKFF / Artist Resident


​Est. Value $3,600

Michelle Doll


Michelle Doll’s paintings capture quiet, intimate moments hinged on

personal connections between her subjects, as well as their interactions with the world around them. Doll’s recent works are imbued with femininity and

introspection, and explore the themes of love, desire and connection. She earned her BFA from Kent State University and MFA from New York Academy of Art where she graduated Cum Laude on both. Her work has been exhibited and featured worldwide at galleries from New York to St. Barth’s to San Francisco to Basel and London. She currently lives and works in Hoboken, NJ.

Flesh on flesh... fabric on flesh... our body’s connection with nature... our private contact with moments of time and objects of space... these are the tactile experiences of my artwork. Centered on the human figure, I attempt to portray the unspoken, soundless and intimate nature of a soul’s connection to the material world. I am interested in moments of interconnection that contain meaning beyond the setting, and explore the intimate energy that either exists, or is immensely desired, if it does not exist.

The power of love and desire for connection can be found in a simple touch, a fragile unity, or a fleeting moment. Hidden portions of contact hold meaning... the creases, crevices, overlaps, and folds. My intent is to find inspiration and appreciation in seemingly banal, quiet moments and render them monumental.

Through my paintings, I wish to preserve and record the interconnections in my own life, and my personal touch on the world around me. I create the work as meditations for others, who have experienced and desired intimacy in subtle ways, and like me, possibly searched for a further understanding of unity, beauty and love. 

The Herd - 2012

Oil on canvas

46 x 60 inches


Courtesy of ESKFF / Artist Resident


​Est. Value $6,000

Angela Gram

Angela Gram is a painter, writer, and educator living and working in New Jersey. She received a MFA from the New York Academy of Art and a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design.  Angela has been accepted as an artist in residence by the Terra Foundation for American Art in Giverny France and by the Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation at Mana Contemporary in NJ.  Her work has been shown at Forbes Gallery, Mark Miller gallery, Sotheby’s, Sloan Fine Art, Art Southhampton, the University of Miami, and other venues throughout the east coast.  Her work exists in many private collections and has recently been published by Skira Rizzoli in “The Figure: Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture” a book showcasing figurative art by established and emerging artists. Angela is also co-founder of the blog, a source for criticism, essays, and interviews spanning the kindred disciplines of contemporary art and science.


For Eva - 2014

Oil and rope on panel

22 x 24 inches


Courtesy of ESKFF / Artist Resident 


​Est. Value $2,500

Catherine Haggarty

Catherine Haggarty, b. 1984 received her M.F.A from Mason Gross School of Art, Rutgers University in 2011. She has shown at Opera Gallery, The Bowery Gallery,

White Box, & A.I.R Gallery in New York City as well as Bridget Mayer Gallery in Philadelphia. Catherine is currently the recipient of the ESKFF Working Artist Grant and is an Artist in Residence at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City.

Catherine lives and works in Jersey City, NJ.


Frill - 2014

Acrylic silkscreen on canvas

25 x 25 inches


Courtesy of ESKFF / Artist Resident


​Est. Value $5,500


Japanese artist KAORUKO draws upon both the rich cultural history of

her homeland as well as her experiences as a former Japanese pop star to create her large-scale, graphically illustrated paintings, which depict women in their private domestic spaces. Her highly codified motifs sourced from traditional woodblock prints and textiles are juxtaposed with figures defiant against the contemporary Japanese construct of kawaii, which

values the feminine in terms of ‘cuteness’ and ‘adorability.’ Using acrylic paint, gold leaf, traditional sumi calligraphy techniques and silkscreened kimono patterns on canvas, she explores the complexity of the modern Japanese woman in terms of her relationship with herself and Japanese tradition. 

Maria Kreyn

Originally from Gorky, Russia, Maria's education is varied: from training in classical drawing, to mathematics and philosophy at the University of Chicago, to an old-master-style painting

apprenticeship in Europe, Maria takes an angle of her own to comment on the human condition. Her figurative images aim to reactivate the spirit of our collective unconscious... All in the hope of conquering what Sontag calls the "relentless melt of time."
"I want to stop time for people--to let them bask in the eternity of the present moment, and to celebrate it. Painting can be a timeless story, spatially wrapped into a single moment. In my eyes, it's about looking at the vastness of our life slowly and deeply, and connecting to our ecstatic and tragic shared experience-- to our collective human journey." 

Untitled - 2014

Oil on red reflective plexiglass

24 x 24 inches


Courtesy of ESKFF / Artist Resident 


​Est. Value $3,000

Higgs - 2014

Pencil graphite on paper

18.5 x 22.5 inches


Courtesy of ESKFF / Artist Resident 


​Est. Value $16,000

Amy Myers

Amy Myers received her MFA in Painting and Drawing from the Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois 1999 and BFA in Painting in Drawing from The Kansas City Art Institute, Missouri 1995. She states that ‘the perspective of particle physics is one of a universe without “stuff”. All particles exist with the potential to combine with and become different particles. They are intermediate states in a network of interactions and are based upon events, not things.’ Some of her most recent awards include The American Academy in Rome, Visiting Artist, Italy, November – July 2004. The Dora Maar House, Visiting Artist, Menerbes, France, and The Pollock-Krasner Foundation Award, NY, in 2005. And the 2008 ARTwall, mural reproduction, in Kansas City, MO. 

Purpleonia - 2014

Acrylic, pastel, and charcoal on canvas

16 x 20 inches


Courtesy of ESKFF / Artist Resident 


​Est. Value $300

Kristine Paragas


Untitled - 2014

Acrylic on wood

22 x 20 inches


Courtesy of ESKFF / Artist Resident 


​Est. Value $1,000

Elemuel D. Richards

Art has always been an integral part of Elemuel Dean Richards’ life.

Growing up in an artistic family influenced his decision to pursue a career as an artist. Richards received his B.A. in Studio Art from Queens College in 2001, where

he honed his draftsmanship, painting skills and other explored mediums. Richard’s work reflects the fact that he grew in Long Island during the Hip-hop and Graffiti era. His art work successfully melds human forms with street art elements. Street art always fascinated Elemuel D. Richards with its vivid colors and array of styles. This art form fueled Richards’ desires to create his own type of expression using similar principles from street art. Richards realized his style would transcend the typical graffiti lettering in favor of abstract human forms. The end result is a brand of work, which draws the viewer into a labyrinth of lines that at first glance are as puzzling as the forms themselves. As the viewer spends more time looking at the works, the different layers of forms and colors become more apparent. Richards’ work is reminiscent of jazz because of the many layered elements that become visible under close inspection. His forms bend, twist and pose, which adds to the dance like quality of the works. Working mainly in ink, acrylic, oil and spray paint, nothing discarded if it enhances Richards’ vision. As of recent Richards began transforming discarded objects into art elements, such as fruit baskets, door panels and anything he deemed worthy of being converted into art. Another style he also incorporates into his work is street collage. In this process, Richards combines newspapers and other sources as well as scrapes of paper off the urban land scape. This allows Richards to create unique pieces of work that blends his human forms with those of collage, giving these works their own and metropolitan flavor. 

Anne-Laure Dubé Becoming Mishima - 2009 Photo 1/5 + 2ap

24 x 24 inches


Courtesy of ESKFF / Artist Resident 


​Est. Value $2,500

Ève K Tremblay

Ève K Tremblay (b. 1972, Québec, Canada) grew up between Val- David and Montreal. After studies in French Literature at the University of Montreal she attended

The Neighborhood Playhouse School of The Theater, in New York from 1994 to 1995. She holds a BFA with a major in photography from Concordia University in Montreal (2000). In her work, the thematic of awareness is approached from a poetic point of view, inspired by literature, cinema and science. The majority of her works are photographic but other ones explore videos, performances, texts, books, and collages. Her works have been exhibited and published internationally. 

The Gulf War from Nostalgia series, Untitled Shear Nostalgia series - 2013

Mix media photo paper print on wood painted with oil paint

24 x 24 inches


Courtesy of ESKFF / Artist Resident 


​Est. Value $700


Jehdy Ann Vargas

Jehdy Vargas received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Arts and Design, December 2007 from the Long Island University / C.W. Post Campus Brookville, New York. Most recently, she is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts Degree, Fall 2013 from The New York Academy of Art New York, New York. 

Who I am, Hates Who I've Been - 2014

Acrylic and photography on canvas

16 x 20 inches


Courtesy of ESKFF / Artist Resident 


Est. Value $500


Joan Vergara


Zenith - 2014

Acrylic & plastic bag on wood

24 x 48 inches


Courtesy of ESKFF / Artist Resident 


Est. Value $400


Daniel Campos Zamora

Daniel Campos Zamora is a Costa Rican born artist based in Jersey City. His work revolves around formation of boundaries that influence our sense of identity and social order. The work explores how cultural boundaries unite, divide and alienate individuals and entire groups of people. Using a variety of mediums ranging from paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures, installations and contextual projects - Daniel constantly explores the ideas of home, belonging, history that help construct the self. His practice and process show a young artist’s negotiations with the world as he experiences it, resulting in a varied and evolving body of work.

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