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Taxi - 2003

Oil on canvas

60 x 39 inches


Courtesy of Artist


​Est. Value $6,000

Laura Alexander


Laura Alexander is the recipient of two NJSCA Fellowship Grants for painting. Her work has been exhibited in Tokyo, Austria as well as locally in New York and New Jersey.

Exhibits include the Newark Museum, Morris Museum, Hoboken Historical Museum, Aljira Gallery, Visual Arts Center of NJ, George Segal Gallery, Institute of Contemporary Art in Portland, ME, Ben Shahn Gallery, Trans Hudson Gallery, Gale Gates Gallery in NY, The Art Students League Juried Alumni Show 1965-95 also in NY. She studied painting at Maine College of Art.

Immensity - 2015

Acrylic and pastel on canvas

45.5 x 44.5 inches


Courtesy of SOL Studios


​Est. Value $400

Kirti Bansal


Kirti Bansal is an Indian artist based in Jersey City. The results of her upbringing have influenced her perception to believe that there are no accomplishments if there are no “mistakes” or “accidents”. She emphasizes process and development of her ideas rather than the product. She empties her mind of conventional methods of drawing and lets her hands and eyes control her. Together, they create harmony, like yin and yang. The work responds to surrounding environments by fracturing them into a convolution of expressive matter. There is a stress on aesthetics with her frugal hit and miss indications of bold color. Kirti’s focus is to frame instances that would go unnoticed in their original context. With a conceptual approach, she creates intense personal moments by means of rules and errors, acceptance and refusal, luring the viewer round and round in circles. She is currently an aspiring designer pursuing her education of Graphic Design at Montclair State University in Montclair, NJ.

Classic Pocket Funjab from the Fardaous Funjab Catalog - 2015

Digital Print

Edition 1 of 5

9 x 13 inches


Courtesy of ESKFF / Artist Resident


​Est. Value $700

Meriem Bennani


New Yorked-based artist Meriem Bennani grew up in Morocco, earned an MFA from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and a BFA from the Cooper Union in New York.Meriem is currently working on Fardaous Funjab, a reality tv show exploring the encounter of fashion and religion with a focus on the aesthetics of sexuality/sexiness in a contemporary Muslim context.

San Francisco Dusk - 2014

Gilcee print on 100% rag paper, archival ink 

22 x 30 inches


Courtesy of the artist

Est. Value: $600


Jennifer Krause Chapeau


Jennifer Krause Chapeau received a BFA from the University of Michigan School of Art and Design in 1984, and attended the Studio and Forum of Stage Design in NYC from 1985-87.

Krause Chapeau paints contemporary landscapes. Her subject is the road and the fleeting vistas seen while driving. The paintings while representational, are equally concerned with formal properties such as composition and color, and emphasize these abstract elements. The paintings capture a sense of speed, a quality of light, and often deep space. The beautiful and the ordinary are combined, as we see signs of the man-made world woven into the landscape. 

Oculus Number: 4 - 2015

Oil on paper

16 x 16 inches

22 x 22 inches (framed)


Courtesy of the artist

Est. Value: $4,000


Marylyn Dintenfass


Marylyn Dintenfass is an internationally known artist whose work is found in major public, corporate, and private collections in Denmark, England, South America, Israel, Italy, Japan, and the United States. Among the institutions that have acquired her work are: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Cleveland Museum of Art, Detroit institute of Arts, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Mississippi Museum of Art, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Her 2010 Parallel Park installation at the Lee County Justice Center in Fort Meyers, Florida, is one of the largest and most note worthy of the last decade. Her work has been widely reviewed, and her 2011 Babcock Galleries exhibitions as well as her 2012 exhibitions, Drop Dead Gorgeous at Driscoll Babcock Galleries, were both selected as one of the year’s top 100 shows by Modern Painters Magazine.


Dintenfass has twice been a MacDowell Fellow and has received both an Individual Artist Fellowship from the New York Foundation for the Arts and two Project Grants from the National Endowment for the Arts. She was awarded the Silver Medal at the First International, Mino, Japan, and The Ravenna Prize at the 45th Faenza International in Italy. Academic positions have included visiting professor at the National College of Art and Design in Bergen and Oslo, Norway; Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, Israel: Sheridan College in Toronto, Canada, and Hunter College in New York. She was, for ten years, a member of the faculty at Parsons School of Design in New York. 

Shin - 2002


16 x 12 inches (framed)

Edition: 7 of 20 

Courtesy of Artist

Est. Value: $2,100 


Alejandro Dron


Known for his “liminal,” foldable, non-figurative sculptures and architectural projects, Argentinian artist Alejandro Dron creates work that has no fixed position. He is currently working on his EDRON project, based on what he called Unidentified Flying Sculptures, where he integrates aerial space into each piece. Dron’s work has been included in exhibitions in Spain, Argentina, and the United States. He earned an MFA from the School of Visual Arts, supported by a Fulbright Grant. Dron also publishes an online political cartoon series called “Zohar.”

FRANK - 2015

Photocopy transfer on fine art paper 

41 x 29 inches 
Edition 2 of 3

Courtesy of Artist / ESKFF Resident

Est. Value: $1,200


Rune Egenes


Vagabond - 2015

Acrylic on canvas

36 x 36 inches 

Courtesy of Artist

Est. Value: $4,500


Erik Formoe

At the first encounter, Formoe´s paintings seem obvious, innocent and public. Erik Formoe is a riddle teller. Each image may be thousand pictures. Each question he poses can lead to thousand responses, or a thousand new questions.

People in Erik Formoe’s images are silent storytellers. They are anonymous figures who might meet, or maybe not. Apparently they are introverted melancholics.They know something. You can take part in their secrets, if you are curious enough. Memories are eternal, even if they are created only once. Erik Formoe’s paintings
dwell on this subject.

Untitled - 1996

Oil on paper

32.75 x 28 inches 

Courtesy of Artist

Est. Value: $4,000


Michael Gitlin

Michael Gitlin, Israeli American artist, was born in South Africa and grew up in Israel. He received his BA in English and Art History from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and simultaneously studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (BFA). He received an MFA from Pratt Institute in 1972.

Gitlin has been living and working in New York since 1970.

Gitlin's work can be characterized as abstract and reductive. He began working three-dimensionally, first with paper and later with wood, using paper as a medium rather than a support. His sculptures are mostly wall pieces, which depend on architecture for their physical and contextual support.

Gitlin's one-person museum shows have included: the Israel Museum, Jerusalem (1977); the ICC Antwerp (1980); Exit Art, New York (1985); Kunstraum Munchen (1986); Bonn Kunstverein (1988); Kunsthalle Mannheim (1989); Carnegie Mellon Art Gallery (1989); Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen (1991). His works are in major collections such as the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the Gugghenheim Museum in New York, the Hirshhorn in Washington DC, the Ludwig Museum in Cologne and the Lenbachhaus in Munich, among others. Gitlin participated in Documenta 6 in Kassel, Germany.


Change Required - 2014

Mixed media on wooden blocks 

39 x 39 inches 

Courtesy of Artist

Est. Value: $4,500


You Never Outgrow - 2014

Mixed media on wooden blocks 

28 x 28 inches 

Courtesy of Artist

Est. Value: $5,400


Gil Goren

I think of myself as a kind of visual icon hunter, arranging the urbanic view and landscape in new order.

Most of the people dont pay any attemtion to the small parts that build the big picture of our life. people in a hurry, in rush and dont pay attention to the road.

I shoot urban closeup photos of objects, that nobody realy pay attention to, and create an art work that is never ending story tell of what people call boring objects.

I captures the mood of the moment, create a new language which I translates into soaring pieces of art that convey turbulent movement, rhythm and sound.

My photography is not an independent body of artistry or documentary, but rather captured as background material that cumulates into a wealth of potential imagery.

My art contain secret and encrypted codes whose messages provide a real challenge for viewers to decipher. when words are rearranged, put back together, and creates a pleasurable experience.

All of the photos that i use in my art are taken by me.
for each art work that i make for a city or so. i use only pictures that i took at the city herself. those photos and are the basic materials of the artworks.

All of the photos are printed directly on small pieces of wood in the shapes of squares and rectangles.
These individual pieces are modern icons that are than glued in a collage form onto a large slab of wood.

Each piece has his own unique concept and message. The artwork is all made by hand.

Open (Morocco) - 2014

Silver gelatine print from negative

Edition 4 of 5

10.5625 x 7.0625 inches 

Courtesy of Artist / ESKFF Resident

Est. Value: $300


Kathrin Hanga

Born 1988 in Vienna; Kathrin Hanga discovered her camera some time ago as a viable and direct means to personally transcribe the eternity or continuity she found within the everyday of her immediate surroundings. Her background in theatre and film in Vienna and Paris has influenced the aesthetic of her images; Kathrin completed her Masters in Philosophy (Mag.Phil) in 2014 which she now applies to her artistic practice . This past August , Hanga created a ‘portable darkroom’ ( kept in a suitcase & inspired by Projet VALISE ) through an artist residency in Morocco . She is now able to create & produce work from start to finish on-site .


Hanga’s work is installation-based , sight-specific , & interactive . What remains the same throughout is the aesthetic of her images : themes of movement , light , shadow , and surface often appear as abstractions of a particular space she enters . She hopes viewers might find their own separate, personal recognition in her isolated forms.

Untitled- 2014

Digital print on aluminum panel 

Edition 1 of 2

20 x 16 inches 

Courtesy of Artist 

Est. Value: $1,800


Tamar Hirschl

Tamar Hirschl was born in Zagreb, Croatia and lives and works in New York and Tel Aviv. Her work primarily deals with the effects of political unrest, human conflict, and the effects of urbanism on the environment. The Testimony of the Deer was a solo exhibition of Tamar's work in 2014 at the Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art. Past solo exhibitions include those at the Queens Museum; the Hebrew Union College JIR Museum; Lincoln Center (all New York, NY); Scope Basel; the Mizel Museum (Denver, CO); The Philadelphia Art Alliance; the Zagreb Museum Center; and the Mestrovic National Gallery (Split, Croatia). Group exhibitions include those at NurtureArt (Brooklyn, NY); Gallery Stendhal (New York, NY), the Chelsea Museum; Cool Gloves (Chicago, IL) the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and The Synagogue for the Arts (both New York, NY); Onishi Gallery (New York, NY) the Contemporary Arts Center (New Orleans, LA); the Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art; the 51st Venice Biennale; and the 9th International Istanbul Biennial, among others. Her work is included in the collections of the Queens Museum, Tel Aviv Museum, Ramat Gan Museum of Israel, The William J. Clinton Library, and a number of private and corporate collections.

effort.1 - 2015

Digital print - 35mm film on handmade paper made of skin, hair, sweat, tears, finger nails, toe nails, blood, cum, cervical mucus, eye lashes, epidote, white sage, mica, flax & water

11 x 14 inches (unframed)

Edition: 1 of 1 


Courtesy of Artist 


​Est. Value $530

The House of ia


The House of ia locates itself amid a nomadic nucleus.


ia, as subject, carries a curious intent to participate in information as expression, in performance as discursive.


Our ‘House’ renders interest in fabricating a practice of intimate experimentation by queering the social and interpersonal rituals of relating, and engaging in resistance as a form of generation.


Entwined within the thin shroud amidst condition and creation, we deploy process as a working strategy to explore alterity, a leaping into the void, resisting a legacy towards anterior archetypes and dominant designs.

ia, as object, locates itself in breaking through seemingly fixed ideas that limit and marginalize the concepts and methodology constituting a calculation of ‘art’ , with an intention to expand the platform for tracking, discovering, and interpreting ‘newness’.


The House of ia was founded in 2012 and is the collaborative works of Jillayne Hunter and kb Thomason.


“We find our selves creating in the edges, falling through grey space separating intent and decision. Betwixt binaries, amid arrival and departure, male and female, internal and external, we find slippery useful, perspicuity in vague, and locus in flux. Ignited by the balmy states between here and there, we are a planet in transit ever engrossed in the process of ‘being’ in ‘becoming’.” 

Fashion series #2  - 2013

Acrylic on canvas 

48 x 36 inches 


Courtesy of the artist 


​Est. Value $4,800

Min Hyung


Cucumber Vinaigrette - 2015

Acylic on paper

41 x 22 inches 


Courtesy of SOL Studios


​Est. Value $500

Ali Jafri


Image #069 - 2015

From series: "Subliminal Messages,

Confession of the Advertising Billboard" 

Dye - Sublimation on metal

40 x 64 inches 

Edition 1 0f 12


Courtesy of the artist 


​Est. Value $18,000

Gene Kiegel

Gene Kiegel is contemporary artist whose work shatters the boundaries between traditional fine art, modern art and photography.  After graduating from UC Berkeley in Fine Art and Architecture, Gene pursued a creative and exciting career as a fashion photographer and art director.  

His photography work has appeared in almost all major publications (Vogue, GQ, Departures) as well as many niche and well respected artistic publications and books. His strong sense of style and ability to convey the message has landed him a number of top advertising campaigns for fashion labels (D-Squared, Urban Outfitters) and top world watch and computer brands (Swatch,Toshiba). His high level of expertise has earned him a recognition and respect among his peers as well as his students at Central Saint Martin’s College in London where he lectured photography before relocating to New York in 2010.

Since he moved back to New York he decided to solely concentrate on Fine Art and has produced a number of personal projects in various mediums.

His fine art work has been displayed in galleries in London, Europe and US (NY, Miami, LA) as well as Manege central exhibition hall in St Petersburg, Russia and Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles.


'My art work is a live display of a carefully conducted experiment.  Each, prompted by an ongoing quest for deeper knowledge; and, experienced in hope to gain a new perspective on the matter.   

I often question the subjective concept of value by juxtaposing context, social references and traditions. 

I prefer to work with mediums that offer an element of organic interaction or destruction.  I find that working in such a way has a strong resemblance to our life experience.  We set goals, work towards them, deal with challenges, cherish the magical highlights and embrace the overall experience'.

San Francisco Dusk - 2014

Gilcee print on 100% rag paper, archival ink

22 x 30 inches 


Courtesy of the artist 


​Est. Value $600

Jennifer Krause Chapeau

Jennifer Krause Chapeau received a BFA from the University of Michigan School of Art and Design in 1984, and attended the Studio and Forum of Stage Design in NYC from 1985-87.

Krause Chapeau paints contemporary landscapes. Her subject is the road and the fleeting vistas seen while driving. The paintings while representational, are equally concerned with formal properties such as composition and color, and emphasize these abstract elements. The paintings capture a sense of speed, a quality of light, and often deep space. The beautiful and the ordinary are combined, as we see signs of the man-made world woven into the landscape. 

Untitled, Wood Block 1 - 2014

Digital print on rice paper, wood

27.25 x 22.5 x 1.5 inches 


Courtesy of the artist 


​Est. Value $7,000

Eugene Lemay


Eugene Lemay (American, b. 1960) is best known for his series Strata, Letters, and Navigator of large inkjet prints of rich landscapes, which expose the root of

written language as a metaphor for the human need to communicate. Appearing out of linguistic order, the words are expropriated from their original context and become artistic notes, signs, shapes, and finally abstract images. Lemay, a Michigan native and ninth of 15 children from a French Canadian father and Lebanese Syrian mother, spent his teenage years at the Sarid Kibbutz in Israel and served in the Israeli army. In Lemay’s early works, he abstracts a series of letters to bereaved parents of fallen soldiers with whom he served. The letters were written – but never sent.

Lemay is founder and director of Mana Contemporary, and has built several other businesses in the past 20 years. Lemay was named to Art & Auction magazine's Power 100 list. He has exhibited in solo shows at Mike Weiss Gallery in Chelsea, Total Arts Gallery in Dubai and Galeria De Art in Buenos Aires as well as a group show at Art Affairs Gallery in Amsterdam and others. He sits on the board of the Umm-el Fahem Gallery in Israel, and is represented by Mike Weiss Gallery in Chelsea.

The irony of this impressive career trajectory is that Lemay had no initial interest in art, and certainly no thought of becoming an artist, until 1993, when he visited a Robert Ryman retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The 80 paintings on view, produced over nearly 40 years, filled Lemay with wonder. Here was a sustained and seemingly inexhaustible exploration of abstract white-on-white composition. The work, at once giving and reserved, struck a psychological chord; within days, Lemay began his own artistic experiments. But, for this thoughtful ex-soldier, the notes that resonated were not in Ryman’s bright major key but in a dark minor that evoked Lemay’s long-suppressed battlefield traumas. 


Static Parity - 2015

Acrylic on canvas

36 x 36 inches 


Courtesy of Artist / ESKFF Resident


​Est. Value $7,800

Jahan Loh

Singaporean contemporary artist Jahan Loh forayed into street art in the early '90s. Counterculture yet well ahead of times, Jahan is a visual artist whose roots are firmly entrenched in both fine and street art. Jahan paints, invades, reinvents and paradises modern culture and popular iconography with a barrage of imagery laden with socio-political undertones. Devoted to breaking the banal momentum and didactic approach to art and life, his works often overload the senses with collages of contextual riddles. Offering an alternative universe where nothing is sacred and everything else is subverted, he conceives theories through his neo-pop aesthetics and subliminal social narratives.


His works have been featured at art exhibitions internationally. Jahan was also one of eight Singapore contemporary artists selected for 8Q-RATE, the inaugural exhibition for the opening of Singapore's 8Q museum in 2008.

Decal (Red + Brown on Blue) - 2015

Acrylic gouache on wood panel

30 x 40 x 2 inches



Courtesy of Artist / ESKFF Resident


​Est. Value $10,000

Tom McGlynn

Tom McGlynn is an artist, writer, independent curator and lecturer based in the NYC area. His work is represented in many national and international collections including the permanent collections of the Whitney Museum, The Museum of Modern Art, and The Cooper- Hewitt National Design Museum of the Smithsonian. He currently a contributing writer to The Brooklyn Rail and founding director of Beautiful Fields, a curatorial entity dedicated to socially engaged practices.


Mr. McGlynn has taught as an Assistant Professor at Castleton State College, Vermont, and has previously been a Visiting Artist Lecturer at the Mason Gross School of Fine Arts at Rutgers University, NJ. He is currently a visiting lecturer at  Parsons/The New School in New York City and at The New Centre for Theory and Practice. He will be showing his work at Maniere Noire, Berlin, in December of 2015.


McGlynn's projects take into account the role of the artist in the expanded field of interdisciplinary practice to include socially oriented sculptural installation, abstract painting derived from social semiotics, and photography that blurs the line between quotidian documentation and generic repetition.


AM - 2015

Sumi-e on paper

11 x 8.5 inches (unframed)

13.6875 x 11.1875 inches (framed) 


Courtesy of Artist 


​Est. Value $800

Robert Medvedz




SubDerivative: FADED (2) - 2015

Giclee prints of film stills

18 x 30 inches (unframed)



Courtesy of Artist 


​Est. Value $500

Monica Mirabile

Complicated with intentional glitches, I use performance, video and installation to navigate and discover social patterns and manipulate the absorption of culture into propaganda. Sexual structures, technological evolution of body movement and Feminine paradigm shifts become language that breaks through the expectations of dance and enters into an interruptive discomfort. Performance and technology become tools for acknowledging a grounding reality.


The body processes information regardless of the choice to do so, so manifests personality as well as psychosis. I am drawn to those who have let their bodies move away from the mind; drug induced nod outs, half-active and intoxicated. I am not interested in glamorizing or promoting this behavior, but navigating the choice to speak its body language. Thus, my work addresses control in liminal spaces of this particular processing terminal, as performance, installation and video. 


View Thru Blue - 2015

Acrylic on paper

48 x 38 inches (unframed)


Courtesy of ESKFF / Artist Resident 


​Est. Value $1,000

Jesse Moretti


Floating through pastel heterotopias, eating fro-yoTM still-lifes and running down a concrete treadmill, my work is a product of the millennial condition. Paper sculptures become vast landscapes, structural elements are rendered in a balanced static space and photographic planes emulate the world behind the screen. That #ffffffffffffffff color space I’m in all the time. A buzzing glow that gets louder and louder as day turns to night and I’m still hunched over in front of it. An odd simultaneity of soothing rhythm cloaked in a dull anxiety and the firewire bursts when I finally squeeze my eyes shut. I open them on something real and my hands are dirty.


I use digital technologies to design the spaces of painting and photography. Existing between abstraction, graphic art, Adobe CS and the screen, the work aims for a place where the supposedly discrete states–flatness and dimensionality–analogue and digital–are merged. By cruising the feedback loop between digital and material space in the studio, pictorial planes collapse and unify. I deal with this compression, the flat space of design, through familiar tropes–the still life, tableaus of abstract structures, formalism, cubism and op art.


The frame, the lens, the borderline separating me from you. Two people pass through portals and come together across the fish net of time and space to listen to steel drums with sweaty palms. I look through the airbrushed haze and see Ed Ruscha sending a text message two-million years too late, floating on the horizon line, cutting through the acrylic smog and sitting on the edge of a frame, sunbathing. The entryway is friendly and round and oh so smooth. Miami Dolphins on cruise control. 



Boiler 2 - 2011
Oil on mylar

5.5 x 8.5 inches


Courtesy of ESKFF / Artist Resident


​Est. Value $2,000

Tun Myaing


Tun Myaing, born April 11, 1981 in Rangoon, Burma, currently lives and works in Queens, New York City. In 2006, graduated from New York Academy of Art, NYC, with a Master of Fine Art. In 2003, received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC.

“My work is an investigation into the shadows that we hesitate to mention, that dark side of humanity that lingers somewhere deep inside us. What I depict is an attempt to juxtapose ordinary mundane things with our extraordinary internal conflicts.”

Awards Tun Myaing received include the Academic Scholarship Award in 2004-06, and the New York Academy of Art 2002-03 Fashion Institute of Technology Art Scholarship. 

Circus Set Series - 2012

Mixed media collage

18 x 13 inches (framed)


Courtesy of Artist


​Est. Value $1,600

Geraldine Neuwirth

Born in New York, artist Geraldine Neuwirth studied at the Otis College of Art and Design and was mentored by artist Martin Lubner. She creates bold, three-dimensional mixed-media paintings using pastel, ink, and collage, pulled from influences including circus, theater, and personal experience. Neuwirth exhibits regularly in New York and Los Angeles. 


Green Rectangle (Chakra) - 2015

Acrylic paint on wooden wine box

22 x 13 x 8 inches


Courtesy of Artist


​Est. Value $2,000

David Oquendo

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico – and raised in New Jersey. In 2009, I completed my undergraduate degree at Rutgers University (Newark Campus), earning a BFA in Painting and a Minor in Art History. While attending Rutgers I earned the Creative Achievement in Fine Arts Award – for outstanding accomplishment in fine arts reflecting creativity and dedication. In 2012, I earned an MFA in Painting from Montclair State University. I have shown my work in Newark (New Jersey), Montclair (New Jersey), London (England), Miami (FL), Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The core of my art practice is the development of a quasi-spiritual universe. I make large scale painted work on interior and exterior architecture. My process and artwork involves the re-appropriation of the visual language religious cultures to explore a broad spectrum of themes and ideas. I draw inspiration directly from my environment, and my work loosely references disparate sources – my attempt to compress graphic design, pop culture, religion and the fine arts.

The current series of paintings focus on abstract orbs that originate from my interest in prayer beads, which are used by members of various religious traditions. These orbs are usually in an orientation resembling symbols like Lemniscates, Analemmas, Circles, knots and other similar symbols. The colors of these beads reference the western adaptation of the psycho-spiritual belief system of Chakras. These three aspects; the abstract beads, symbol(s), and color(s) help activate a surface (i.e. an interior and/or exterior wall). 

Untitled; Olya Monochrome - 2015

Watercolor and pencil on paper

11 x 16 inches


Courtesy of Artist


​Est. Value $8,000

Yigal Ozeri

New York City based Israeli artist Yigal Ozeri is best known for his large-scale cinematic portraits of young women in vast transcending landscapes. His near photo-realistic oil paintings convey the spirit of his subjects in a grand array of natural settings: from abundant rain forests to dreary deserts. Thousands of tiny brushstrokes animate his lifelike paintings, giving way to a remarkable realism, distinct beauty, and seductive power. Ozeri seizes fleeting moments and gives them life. As a result, the viewer is compelled to gaze into the allegorical domain between reality and fantasy. Ozeri has shown extensively around the world including solo exhibits in Bologna, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Toronto, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, France, Denmark, and Munich. His work is included on the cover and in the book Photorealism and the Digital Age. He is currently in a traveling show titled 50 Years of Hyperrealistic Painting that was showcased in a number of venues including: Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, and Museo de Bellas Artes in Bilbao. He is also in the permanent collections of: The Whitney Museum of American Art, The McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, The Jewish Museum in New York, The New York Public Library, The Israel Museum in Jerusalem, The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, The Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation in Los Angeles, and the Albertina in Vienna, among others. He is represented by Louis K. Meisel Gallery in New York City. 


Hooked Up, The Lady - 2004

Wool Rug

42 x 32 inches


Courtesy of Franklin Getchell


​Est. Value $6,000

Donald Paterson


Doppler Series - 2010 / 2013


Oil on cardboard

19.5 x 27.5 inches

25 x 37 inches (framed)


Courtesy of Artist


​Est. Value $6,000

Maria Pavolvska

Maria Pavlovska was born in Skopje, Macedonia (Former Yugoslavia) in 1975. BA and MA she received at the Faculty of Fine Art in Skopje, Macedonia. Her work has been featured around the globe in over 28 solo shows and more than 100 group international exhibitions including Art Basel Miami, The Kunsthalle-Vienna and Kunsthalle-Krems (Austria), Gallery Lang (Vienna), Cite Internationale des Arts, The Dock (Paris), Museum of Contemporary Art, The National Gallery, Museum of the City - Skopje (Macedonia), City House in Nurnberg (Germany), Station Gallery, Gallery MC, The Open Space Gallery, Citibank (New York), FLA Gallery (Connecticut), Viota Gallery (San Juan - Puerto Rico), Prima Center (Berlin), MANA Contemporary and Drawing Rooms (New Jersey). Her work is held in private and public collections worldwide, including embassies, museums, galleries and libraries.


Her artistic journey started at an early age. She took up residencies in Paris, Vienna and Nuremberg (Germany). After her first solo in New York in 2007, she has lived between Skopje and New York and continued to be active in the New York art scene. Her artwork has been featured in many magazines, newspaper articles, and museum and gallery catalogs world-wide. She was runner-up for the Venice Biennale in 2015. Her project “A Reaction” was nominated to represent her country, Macedonia for that year. Maria participated in Art Basel Miami in 2014, represented by MANA, was awarded Citibank Artist of the Year - an Annual Solo Show at the 60th St/5th Ave. branch in 2011, and has been awarded 11 Arts grants throughout her career. Her studio residence has been at MANA Contemporary, a leading Contemporary Art Center in the New York City area since 2012.


Hailing from a family of creative artists - her father is an esteemed painter internationally, (National Order of Merit Award for the Arts 2011, Macedonia) , her older sister is a leading musicologist and her younger sister is an international classical pianist - it is apparent that her artistic energy is ingrained within the very fabric of her being. Although part of a distinguished cultural family legacy, Maria has achieved significant recognition in her own right.

Critics have described her work as having "a strong personality" which "translates her topics of choice into pictorial language that demonstrates a quietly powerful eloquence". She has received praise from critics worldwide for her drawings and paintings with work that reflects painting as a battlefield, where light and darkness fight and the result is unpredictable. One sees the lightning bolts of ideas at work, as they are being worked out. This sort of simultaneous image "process / result " dialectic lies frozen in space, stimulating the viewer to actively participate in the image creation themselves by way of investigation, inviting myriad readings within a given theme.

Rounded Drain Cover 10 St. x Coles St. JC - 2015 Reliefgraphy on canvas

47.5 x 24 inches


Courtesy of Artist


​Est. Value $6,000

Fernando Redondo

I was born in Bogota, Colombia, I am a graduate of Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Bogota and have been refining my work for more than 15 years, while also working as an art director and creative director at some of the top advertising agencies in Colombia. 

I decide to rescue the features of the surfaces throughout a city by rubbing a pencil on paper (Frottage) that after it goes through a process I created I end up calling RELIEFGRAPHY. This is my way of capturing forgotten details, to validate them and break down their three-dimensional nature on a piece of paper, using their shapes to create new shapes. A testimonial to show that "this thing" that viewers are appreciating was in a specific place, taken from a real element and that this paper had contact with that element. A way of showing that behind every picture there is a story; a journey; hours and hours of walks through the city, people looking or asking, torn up paper and wind that prevented me from working.


green mandala  - 2015

Acrylic on canvas 

55 x 45 inches


Courtesy of Artist / ESKFF Resident


​Est. Value $3,000

Juan Restrepo

Painting  as an exercise where the in-gredients play the main role, appearedin the American abstract expressionism,lets thinking the drips of Pollock, canvasthat accumulated pictoric material, thebig strokes of Willem de Kooning in hisintermittent neo-figurative and abstractoffer. The absorbed ingredients of thecanvas by Helen Frankenthaler or theveils of colors that proposed MorrisLouis. An adventure of action and ges-ture as an exercise that restore the rit-ual aspects of the artistic creation andrandomly awards to the chance and thecasually validness to patent results.Particular mithologies have taken alarge sector of thought and the artisticpractice. Within the painting exercise ithas been perceived as a propitious areato execute such presuppose. Paintingas an objective in itself, and as a prac-tice of other languages, as the one doneby the video art, performance and in-stallation. Painting in all its te remained ya me y guy txt itself andanalysing not only of its own environ-ment but its own condition. Each timethe way art is materialized becomemore suspicious due to the demand ofthe multiple motivations that hurry theartistic practicey, if we said that manytimes the results have motivated post-conceptual results, in the desire to re-construct the past, giving new breathsand incorporating actualized data, insoconstructing pertinent reflections of con-temporary circumstances. The painting of Juan Guillermo Re-strepo expands details of the medievalminiatures of the illustrated books. Ab-stracts the fine and cittle figuration, en-larging them for his flower canvas. Withlive and contrasting colors, the designsbecome decorative and control theimage, so they become an undulatingand continuous concern new composi-tions. The other group of paintingspraise the color and ingredient to bemixed, paint out areas of color, andfavours the contoled accident as an in-herent practice to the work. The big for-mats and clear facture are other of theappeals of this proposal suited to thehigh quality of the painting marked byits luminosity and elegant presence.

Andre Russell

Graphic Artist whose inspiration began is early childhood. The unique artistic style

of his artwork is refreshing and invites crossover from urban to mainstream. Mr. Russell earned his Associates Degree in Graphic Design from Brookdale Community College, which helped to broaden his cultural and artistic influences going as far back as the Renaissance. The preferred medium for the exhibition of his work is applied textiles a/k/a

Tee shirts. Six Flags Great Adventure patrons, as well as radio celebrities have purchased his Tee shirts and hats.


First Round Check Mate - 2001

Chalk pastels, water based acrylic paint and oil markers.

 x inches


Courtesy of Artist


​Est. Value $1,000

Warhol Already - 2015

Water based acrylic silk-screened onto a white primer spray painted
through sillhuette stencil on top of angular brushed square of water based gauche


 x inches


Courtesy of Artist


​Est. Value $1,000

Pasolini - 2015

Oil on canvas
14 x 16 inches


Courtesy of Artist 


​Est. Value $2,500

Gabriel Schmitz

Gabriel Schmitz (*1970, Dortmund, Germany) took up his studies of painting in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1990 and then proceeded to do a Master in European Fine Art in Barcelona where he has lived and worked since 1994.

Since then he has exhibited on a regular basis in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, London, Oslo and the United States.

His work shows a profound interest in the human being, either doing portraits or painting figures in loosely defined settings, urban surroundings or interiors, often with a desolate air to it. Cultural icons such as writers, artists or dancers serve as references in other works. His style is often sparse and sketchy, but his figures achieve a strong presence facing the spectator.

Parallel to his painting he has never abandoned the practise of drawing, mostly charcoal on paper, and he also embarks on projects that create new contexts for his work, as for example in his recent series “Walking with Alÿs”, in which he took photographs of two charcoal-drawn figures on the streets of New Jersey and New York.


Strategic - 2010

14 x 14 inches (framed)

Edition: 48 of 50 


Courtesy of Artist 


​Est. Value $800

Fran Shalom

American painter Fran Shalom studied at the University of California, Berkeley, Bard College, and the New York Studio School, and earned her MFA from Montclair State University. A modernist abstract painter with a pop sensibility, her works balance the formal with the playful, paring down ideas and shapes to their most basic forms. Shalom’s work is part of the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, the Fogg Art Museum, and the Rose Art Museum, among others. She is represented by John Davis Gallery in Hudson, New York.


A Secluded Creek2015

Archival Print on Paper
20 x 30 inches (unframed)

Edition: 1 of 5


Courtesy of Artist 


​Est. Value $700

Sarah G. Sharp

Sarah G. Sharp is an artist and curator whose interests include alternative social histories, language, place, technology and craft. She is the recipient of a Getty Library Research Grant, a BRIC Arts Media Fellowship and residency awards at Cortijada Los Gázquez in Almeria, Spain, The Vermont Studio Center and The Kimmel Harding Nelson Center. Her exhibitions include The Aldrich Museum, CT, The Hampden Gallery at UMass Amherst, Frederieke Taylor Gallery, Stephan Stoyanov Gallery and Radiator Arts, NY. Sarah holds an MFA and an MA in Modern and Contemporary Art, Criticism and Theory from Purchase College, SUNY. Sarah is the co-founder of Cohort artist’s collective and faculty in the Art Practice MFA Program at School of Visual Arts in New York. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. II2015

Acrylic, oil, gilding paste, ink, shellac, & brass on canvas
56.5 x 36 x 1.5 inches 


Courtesy of Artist 


​Est. Value $5,000

Minka Sicklinger

Ritual and ceremony are paramount in the complex narratives the American-based artist Minka Sicklinger weaves into her work. An observation of everyday forms, the subconscious as well as inspiration drawn from a lifetime of collecting highly decorated textiles and jewelry translates into geometric patterns and shapes. These serve to form a timeless matrix in which humans and animals dance, fly and worship, offering reverence and mysticism to the everyday. 

Sangre en La Piscina De Los Amores - 2014
Mixed media, oil, video projection on canvas

42 x 38 inches


Courtesy of ESKFF / Artist Resident


​Est. Value $2,000

Jehdy Ann Vargas

Jehdy Vargas received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Arts and Design, December 2007 from the Long Island University / C.W. Post Campus Brookville, New York. Most recently, she is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts Degree, Fall 2013 from The New York Academy of Art New York, New York. 

View through Screen I - 2015

inkjet print on cotton rag paper with holographic foil
12 x 16 inches (unframed)

Edition: 1 of 10 


Courtesy of Artist 


​Est. Value $850

View through Screen II2015

inkjet print on cotton rag paper with holographic foil
12 x 16 inches (unframed)

Edition: 1 of 10 


Courtesy of Artist 


​Est. Value $850

View through Screen III2015

inkjet print on cotton rag paper with holographic foil
12 x 16 inches (unframed)

Edition: 1 of 10 


Courtesy of Artist 


​Est. Value $850

Anne Vieux

In a slurry of conceptual fragments and gestures, my interests in the abstract, the screen, and zoning out, tie my practice together. Conceptually my work plays off painting and lava lamp tropes, resulting in sculptural installation, video, painting, and bookworks. Screensavers, after-images, eye floaters, minimalism, and optics, influence my visual language, drifting from swirlly to gridded and modular.


Pursuing a techy minimalist re-enchantment of space, my installations are kind of abstract esoteric zones, using frames, and video to delineate space. Columns made from lenses placed on low-rise plinths simultaneously evoke the permanence of architectural space and become ethereal, in their transparent distortion.


Working with light as an effect, process, and image, the works crystalize into either physically or digitally layered prints on plastic and fabric. Abstract fields from both analogue and digital processes explore physicality and mediation. The physical boundary of the flatness of the screen and physicality of fabric and plastic give sensation as the eye wanders in fully saturated layers. Evidence of the hand is captured in the images as smudges and debris on my scanner are left through process. Vibrating between flat and dimensional, the seriality of images suggests the infinite and subjective. Using imagery of static and reflective materials, there is no referent to image or object in the real world. I love how one can get lost in the peripheral border of an image, find one’s self focused in the center, or floating in the static of spatial dimensions until you hit the edge of the frame. 

Untitled - 1993

Oil on canvas
22 x 22 inches (framed)


Courtesy of Paul Schacher


​Est. Value $10,000

Christian Vincent


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