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Danielle Scott

Sy Battle

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Maria Kreyn

Originally form Gorky, Russia, Maria's education is varied: from training in classical drawing, to mathematics and philosophy at the University of Chicago, to an old-master-style painting apprenticeship in Europe, Maria takes an angle of her own to comment on the human condition. Her figurative images aim to reactivate the spirit of our collective unconscious... All in the hope of conquering what Sontag calls the "relentless melt of time." 

"I want to stop time for people--to let them bask in the eternity of the present moment, and to celebrate it. Painting can be a timeless story, spatially wrapped into a single moment. In my eyes, it's about looking at the vastness of our life slowly and deeply, and connecting to our ecstatic and tragic shared experience-- to our collective human journey." 


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