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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of this residency?

The Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation (ESKFF) is an artist residency program for local, national and international mid-career, emerging artists and students. Its mission is to provide stipends for materials, grants, educational programs, exhibition opportunities, visiting professionals and studio space in an environment that promotes self growth, encourages dialogue and collaboration between artists, where it is safe to experiment and take creative risks.

Do you accept paper applications?

Yes, but original artworks sent to us will not be returned.

How long are the residencies?

Each residency is three months.

Can I sell my artwork during the residency?

Yes, ESKFF studios are open policy, allowing collectors to come through and view your work. However, do note that two donations of works created during the program must be chosen first before any sales are made. Also, a suggested percentage of sales are always encouraged. 

Can I ship ahead art supplies?

No, ESKFF has designated dates art supplies can be ordered and delivered to the studios. Those dates are explained to those in advance starting their residency. 

Are the materials provided?

Yes, art materials are provided through the stipend given by ESKFF for residents. The artists must order their own materials through the process described in advance to those starting their residency.

How are stipends distributed? How much are being distributed?

$1,000 USD are given to each accepted artist for the three month period. The stipend is used through purchase of material only through accounts setup, no cash is given at any time. 

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