Emily Jost


I am a jersey city-based artist interested in combining my narrative paintings with different textile production techniques. In my most recent works, you can see my handmade textile pieces whether it be crochet, weaving, or knitting with painted figures incorporated. As most artists know, the time and money it takes to create a single piece could be astoundingly high. As a young artist reciving money to do what you love is the greatest dream come true. Not only does my grant pay for my texbooks for the university, but it also pays for a lot of my supplies, such as paints, brushes, yarn and anything else I need. I am granted access to studio spaces for a couple months out of the year which gives me the perfect environment to experement with my craft. But most importantly just to have smeone who believes in my artwork as much as I do I a big motivator to me and my work, I am beyond grateful.


Congratulations Tyler Ballon for Graduating from MICA!

Tyler Ballon


Tyler Ballon (born 1996) is a New Jersey based artist his main focus is creating paintings on issues in his society around him. While presenting these issues he also creates paintings based on historical biblical text. Pinpointing issues presented in the Bible but painting them in a contemporary point of view. He is deeply rooted in his faith in God, one of his objectives is to make successful people aware of the problems that people in urban areas face every day. He not only wants to show problems but he thinks on how he can encourage people that their suffering serves a purpose and is all a part of Gods plan and all things work out for those who love God. He plans to one day take this message across the globe, being a voice for those who aren’t heard. He is now currently studying at the Maryland Institute College of Art class of 2018.



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Emily Jost