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About Maria Pavlovska

The visual artist Maria Pavlovska in her 20 years of artistic practice explores art using polarized black and white colors and stands out with a specific expressive style, which is unique both in the Balkan region and internationally. The author's works are composed of striking, non-existent movements - they include polar opposites: light and dark, full and empty, black and white. The forms of Pavlovska's works evolve from painting or drawing to video or installation.

Her artistic journey begins at an early age. New York based artist Maria Pavlovska was born in Skopje, Macedonia ( Former Yugoslavia) after her studies, she is active with residences and solo exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Sofia, Ljubljana, Vienna, Krems, Nuremberg, Manila, Connecticut and New York. After her first solo show in New York in 2007, she lives between Skopje and New York, where she continues to be active on the New York - US art scene, and also exhibits internationally. Her works have been exhibited in several countries, where Pavlovska has 30 solo exhibitions and more than 100 group international exhibitions. Her works have been published in reviews in many magazines, newspaper articles, and in museums, galleries, catalogs, and monographs around the world.

Maria Pavlovska participated in the Venice Biennale 2019, invited by the European Cultural Center, at the Art Basel Miami in 2014, represented by MANA Contemporary USA, was awarded as Citibank Artist of the Year - Annual solo exhibition on 60th / 5th Avenue in 2011, she also won the first prestigious painting award of the Carole A. Feuerman Foundation. in New York, a painting award at the international exhibition“ Mixing Medias ”, hosted by the Carole A. Feuerman Foundation in 2015 and has received 16 art grants during her career.
In the activity so far, Pavlovska has won 5 significant awards and recognitions in the field of fine arts. Her work is included in a prestigious institutions and private collections. Pavlovska's drawings and works have been invited and included in 5 books, co-collaborating with poets and writers on an international level. Two monographic editions and several catalogs have been published for her work. She completed doctoral studies in 2016, where in 2019 the thesis is translated into a Monograph , her first author's book is published: "The First Principle-The Drawing". Her studio residence - studio is located in the prestigious Art Center, MANA Contemporary Museum, a leading center for contemporary art in the New York area since 2012.

Her art, using the polar black and white colors, stands out with a specific expressive style that is unique, both in the Balkans and internationally.

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