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Young Masters | Autumn 2016 Newsletter

Autumn 2016 Newsletter

Announcement: New York City based Israeli artist Yigal Ozeri, will be a guest artist, exhibiting as part of the forthcoming Young Masters Exhibition. Best known for his large-scale cinematic portraits of young women in vast transcending landscapes, his near photo-realistic oil paintings convey the spirit of his subjects in a grand array of natural settings, thousands of tiny brushstrokes animate his lifelike paintings, giving way to a remarkable realism, distinct beauty, and seductive power.

Young Masters: We are delighted to announce that American Photographer Sandro Miller, will be exhibiting works from his 2014 series titled “Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage to Photographic Masters”, courtesy Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago. In this series Miller, re-created 41 photographs paying homage to the world’s greatest photographers. In a twist indicative of his irreverent style, Miller places his life-long collaborator John Malkovich as the subject of each image.

In Conversation: Young Masters shortlisted artist (2014) Oliver Jones will be in Conversation with Curator Zoë Lippett, at The New Art Gallery Walsall. Jones will be talking about his current solo exhibition. The exhibition runs from August 5 to November 20, 2016.

In Conversation: Saturday 15 October 2016, 2pm, Oliver Jones & Curator Zoë Lippett

Call for Artists: for the fourth edition of the Young Masters Art Prize & the Young Masters Maylis Grand Ceramic Prize, will open on 4th October 2016 until the 28th February 2017. To celebrate the Launch of the Call for Artists, Young Masters will present an Exhibition at the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, St. James' s (2 - 8 October 2016). For more information on the Prize and Exhibition, please visit our website, which is relaunching with a new design in a couple of weeks.


YOUNG MASTERS EXHIBITION Celebrating the Launch of the 4th Edition OCTOBER 2 - 8, 2016 Royal Opera Arcade Gallery 5B Pall Mall, St. James' s London, SW1Y 4UY


Call for Artists 4 October 2016 to 28 February 2017

Tel. +44 (0) 20 8947 6782 M. UK +44 (0) 7939 085 76 M. US +1 773 600 7719

Tel. +44 (0) 20 8947 6782 M. UK +44 (0) 7519 232 984

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