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Past Resident Ekaterina Smirnova American Astronomical Society conference in Seattle

Here is an interesting story for you. At the beginning of January I participated at the American Astronomical Society conference in Seattle. I was displaying a series of my paintings inspired by technology in space exploration. One day a scientist stops by and asks me about my large painting "International Space Station's Selfie", so I tell him that I used live feed videos from ISS as a reference for this work. And then he tells me, "you know those must be videos from my cameras..." What?!! It appers that Tony Hull is an engineer who designed cameras for ISS. Is't this something? Fascinating man, I really enjoyed our conversations. I am very lucky to meet such wonderful people.

WHAT'S NEXT: I am getting ready to depart for a science conference in Tokyo! During my visit of the European Space Agency (ESA) few year ago I was invited to the clean room to see a space craft being built.

BepiColombo is a unique mission to Mercury. This mission is a collaboration of ESA and the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA).To support the mission and to show my appreciation to the science I have created two paintings, one was presented to ESA and the second one (this diptych) I will be presenting to JAXA team during my talk at the conference in March.

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