Dylan Coppola


Dylan Thomas Coppola is an emerging artist born in Queens, New York, and now lives and works in Wantagh, New York. Coppola attended Nassau Community College in 2014 studying Fine Art, before transferring in 2016 to Adelphi University, where they completed a BFA. Their experimental work has been shown at Adelphi University in the Kappa Pi Art Honors show in April 2019, the BFA Senior Thesis Show in May 2019, as well as at the Walt Whitman Birthplace for the Bicentennial celebration in June of 2019.  They are currently taking part in the Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation’s Fall artist residency at the Mana Contemporary in Jersey City, New Jersey. This is the second residency Coppola has attended, after completing a two-week residency with Art & Soul in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico in August of the same year.




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Joaquin Goldstein


My work talks about the function of art in the contemporary society, often with critics and sarcasm towards arts.


My expressionist painting formation developed in Barcelona, where I was part of local art collectives.

After my experience in Europe, I became part of Nennacanale art collective based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

The line of work created during that time was focused in art and psychiatry, having a residency at the Borda psychiatric hospital in Buenos Ai.


In 2009 I moved to Lima, Peru, where I founded Zona 30, a residency program space in the historical center of Lima. In 4 years of work, over 50 foreign artists took part of the residency and more than 200 local artists displayed their work.


In 2011 I founded Terror Gallery, an art space dedicated to show experimental art proposal in the local scene.


In 2016 I was invited to hava a residency at ESKFF at Mana Contemporary.

During this time I created ´mutando´  a large scale mixed media piece.


2017-2018 I showed mutando in 8 cities across the Americas and Europe.

2019 I moved to Montevideo Uruguay where I founded Hiperespacio, a Co-Gallery and residency space.



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Diane Davis


Diane Davis was born in rural midwest, Illinois. She relocated with her family to New York as a child. She’s basically self taught although, she has taken courses at various institutions, including the Art Student’s League. Diane began her career as a portrait artist and now enjoys creating through abstract expressionism. Her inspiration comes from Nature’s amazing composition, it’s natural flow systems, it’s dance. She likes to call it Nature’s Math. Diane loves exploring and working in multiple mediums including glass sculpture. Diane is a current resident at the Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation; her other residencies includes two through chashama and Ora Lerman Charitable Foundation; Diane was honored by the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in 1998 as one of “Black New York Artist Of The 20th Century”; her work is in the collection of Mocada Museum, Bklyn, NY. Though the Schomburg and other resources her work has been published in multiple books and other media forms. Diane received a scholarship with The Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop and she served as a member on the Governors Board of Directors; she also received a scholarship to the Bead Project in Brooklyn, NY where she learned to sculpt with glass; Diane was a feature artist in the documentary film “Nine by Five” a production of Skyfilms, Director Harlan Whatley.



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Danilo Peguero


My name is Danilo Peguero. I was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and made myself an American citizen in 1996. I studied artistic drawing in the National School of Fine Arts in the palace of theMaximo Gomez Ave. with teachers as Painter Gilberto Hernandez Ortega, Manuel Quiroz and the Spaniard Pedro Villenas. After the death of the dictator General Trujillo, I made political cartoons in several magazines and newspapers. I was a sports cartoonist for the newspaper El Caribe for 10 years. I worked as a cartoonist and illustrator in several advertising agencies in Santo Domingo and New York. I worked for the Reuben H. Donnelley company that produced and marketed the New York Yellow Pages. I worked for the General Telephone and Electronics, GTE Páginas Amarillas, in Santo Domingo where I escalated to the position of Production Manager. I have participated in many collective art shows and five solo shows in New York and Santo Domingo. I know very well the concepts of a good portrait and the "Theory of color".


Anthony Boone


From conductor to a creator, Anthony Boone is a multimedia artist based in and native to Jersey City. Boone is known for using unique and unifying materials that create an otherworldly visual experience. Some of Boone’s many mediums include wood, dirt, oil paints, pawprints and whatever feels right at the moment. Boone uses emotion to dominate his canvas and goes beyond the stars as the mixture settles to create a foreign textured terrain that radiates vibrancy and detail, and in turn, brings the canvas to life as if looking at a magnified mystical organism. Evolving past the boundaries of a frame Boone has expanded his work creating sculptures, and fashion. During the years of observing and absorbing the textured scenery of his surroundings as a conductor, it has greatly influenced Boone’s approach to creating art. Taking distorted and reusable pieces of the railroad and turning them into almost unrecognizable sculptures. Drawing inspiration from his family Anthony is no stranger to a brush, as he often helped his father contracting business on various jobs, and was always keen on his mother’s seamstress creations. Cultivating artists and entrepreneurs from all over the community to make art and artists more accessible to the community. Boone’s most recent solo exhibition, “The art of movement” at Base Gym, in downtown Jersey City, featured entrepreneurs from all over the community woven together to bring an experience curated for the community by the community. The event combined sight, sound, smell, and touch for and all around stimulating experience. Boone says, “I want to use my platform to help other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. I believe art is for everyone,” Boone’s vision for the future is to have Boonartlife Co. become a global lifestyle intended for all walks of life.



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