Joseph Knight

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Spending a lifetime as a jewelry designer in 2017, I saw the Louise Lawler show at MoMA, and then in 2018 the Danh Vo exhibition at the Guggenheim. It made me realize my non-jewelry artwork has a voice. This voice needs to be heard and through digital painting and sculpture, I am able to share it with the world.

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Christy E. O’Connor

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Christy E. O’Connor is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in New Jersey. She began her studio practice as a Fine Arts Major at New Jersey City University and completed her degree at Ramapo College, where she received her teaching certifications and a BA in Visual Art in 2006. Upon graduation, she worked in early childhood education for a decade. After a great deal of personal reflection, she decided to shift focus solely on her art practice, which she has
been working in a professional capacity since 2016.
Over the past five years, her work has continually evolved as she sought to rediscover her voice as an artist. Although her methodology and aesthetic may vary over different bodies of work, she is consistent in her desire to better understand how we are shaped by the environment in which we live through the examination of gender, cultural norms, social class, religion and politics, history, and perception.
She continuously explores materials, processes, and genres in order to express her point of view. Her vision and message often influences her use of materials and execution, from mixed media works or sculptural forms, to performative acts and written musings.
Her current body of work embodies a kitsch aesthetic with a twist of subversive and cheeky imagery in a maximalist approach. Her multilayered 2-d mixed media works begin with self-portraiture of the artist in costumes she has designed or fabricated, that are then photo transferred into bricolage paintings and embroidery pieces.
O’Connor has participated in professional development programs and studio residencies, including Creative Capital at Artworks in Trenton, NJ (2016) and AlterWork Studio in LIC, NY (2020). Solo exhibitions and installations include The Maiden & The Crone and Eat, Buy, Love (2021), Victim Shame, Body Blame and Tea Time in Turbulence (2020), Dusklit (2016-2018), Treacherous Women (2018), Vacant Memories, Absent Dreams (2018).

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Scott Harbison 

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Sometime in August 2018 I became a painter. An artist.

I am a product of the 70s and I spent my life in the fine state of New Jersey-the most wonderful state of them all. 

As a result of stuff that happened, choices, substances, fate, and probably pollution, I have formed an imagination that describes an environment I understand to be worthy of depicting… possibly a cautionary tale… where all life forms, including otherworldly ones, merge and coexist. In a sense, I am leaving behind hieroglyphics, useless to anyone unless they are interested in my version of a not- too-distant reality. I usually do the work in my house in Newark which is shown at Awkwaaba Gallery.

Thus far I have been keeping things pretty organic and local to Newark where I live. I've exhibited some of my work at 14C in Jersey City recently. Also, I’ve been in some pop-ups through Art front Galleries also in Newark. As I write this I’m in my first residency with ESKFF at Mana Contemporary. I really never stop painting. Sometimes these creatures paint themselves a little bit. I’m almost positive they do. 

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Christine Sauerteig-Pilaar


Christine Sauerteig-Pilaar ( is a contemporary artist living and working in New Jersey. Her compelling and emotional artworks look to speak to the primitive side of the human existence and how that relates to modern day life. Christine focuses on the female form as her muse, mostly conjured from self-portraits, where she utilizes her body to manipulate feelings of a quiet rage within women in the more domestic interiors of lives not usually viewed as remarkable or unique. She works to search out the uniting thread of feminism in the dark spaces of suburban life, and looks to thrust the spotlight on the unsaid struggles and betrayals of women in our current society.

Christine received her BFA from Parson’s School of Design in 1993, and after living in New York City, relocated to New Jersey where she has continuously experimented with mediums having stretched the limits from\ making her own oil paints to using shellac and iron filings to transforming her work to the mixed media technique she has developed more recently. Her current process uses graphite and charcoal, along with ink and pure pigments brushed or scratched on, along with oil and acrylic paint. Her latest work involves using sewing patterns and sewing the transparent papers to create a surface to make drawings on, making layers and involve movement.

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Michael MKar


Artist living in New Jersey. His artistic career began at an early age. Artistic talent was refined through study. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1995 from Alexandria University. Then, postgraduate studies and some courses in the fields of art history, art criticism and artistic printing techniques.

His priority is to use artwork to be interactive with people. So that there is a dialogue between the artwork and the human being. There is interaction and harmony between them so that it leaves a great impact even after a while.
He has many outstanding artworks. Participated in many solo and group exhibitions. He has the belongings of many individuals and institutions.

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Brian Gustafson


Brian Gustafson is an artist living and working in NY metro area. He enjoys the activity of making objects and fabricates works that he refers to as devices that heighten human awareness and sensitize viewers to the experience of empathy. He often utilizes simple natural phenomena such as wind, water, and light. His work consists of interactive and kinetic devices, sculpture, and installation, and his fondness of glass and metal is found throughout his work.

Brian Gustafson received his MFA from Illinois State University and his BFA from Tulane University. He has exhibited nationally and received numerous awards, including the New Jersey Council of the Arts Fellowship. He is currently Associate Professor of Sculpture at New Jersey City University.

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