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Fabio Esteban

Fabio Esteban


Originally from El Salvador, Fabio Esteban arrived in Manhattan in the late 70’s and was exposed to the art scene of New York City which propelled him to spend much of his life exploring the world through his camera and
his art. Currently he in the ESKFF residency program at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City N.J., he is also teaching anthropology and Art courses at Manhattan College, in New York City and works as an Expert for the National Geographic Lindblad Expeditions.

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Nick Bodoin

Nick Bodoin


Nick explores portraiture in a non conventional way that blurs the borders between painting and sculpture. His unorthodox practice steps outside of traditional techniques as he breaks painting out of the frame. He is inspired by cultural icons, diversity, music, beauty, fashion & artists of all mediums.
His style and materials come together to create a balance between raw and refined, rough and intricate. The exposed wood intertwines with the paint strokes in a subtle dance where we lose sight of where paint ends and wood begins.
For Nick, the human gaze is the most captivating thing to observe and to paint and there's nothing in the universe more powerfull than looking into someones eyes. He tries to capture the unexplainable exchange of information, emotion and energy felt in those moments.

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Lee Tal

Lee Tal


Lee Tal is New-York based multi-disciplinary artist.
In his early works Tal’s draw his inspiration from everyday objects we used in
our daily Life, while he attempts to dismiss their original purpose.
By using wide range of artistic historical and contemporary reference.
He managed to combine to sculptural objects with a painted physical layer,
And to bring the original objects into a new concept.
In his recent body of works Tal’s went back into painting and to a more personal
and intimate works that deal with the duality of the subject

Since the end of his academic studies, he conducted as an active artist
His work is collected by major collections worldwide, and his works was exhibits
globally, Include at the Tel Aviv museum of art, MASin museum in Mexico, Sejong
National Contemporary Art Museum in Seoul, SAMA Museum, NDMOA Museum,
CICA Art Museum, Susquehanna Art Museum and the Whitney Museum in NYC.

Lee Tal received his first B.A in general history from Tel Aviv university. While at the
same time he pursues at art study at the Avni institute of art, and a second B.A in art
& cinema history after receiving his BA Tal’s procced for MFA studies at the Bezalel Academy.

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Peter Bodtke

Peter Bodtke

Peter Bodtke.png

Raised in rural southeast Pennsylvania, photography absorbed his teenage years. Studies continued with a BFA in Photographic Illustration at the Rochester Institute of Technology. For the next 10 years, commercial photography in New York City meant photographing album covers of rap and hip-hop artists and editorial assignments. In the mid-90s a career in information technology took center stage. During this tech career, he received a Master of Science in Information Systems at Stevens Institute of Technology. Now the two careers are coming together. This creative period is called “Ex Machina” in recognition of the mechanical and computer-assisted nature of the artwork being produced in his third career.

During the ESKFF Studio Residency, two media concentrations are being pursued: creating a series of maquettes based on 3D modeled prints and printing technical photographic images of sequential frames. The sculpture investigates the symbolism of chain links and explores a wide range of themes. The sculptural expressions range from oppression to unity, and the juxtaposition of opposing metaphors. The photography focuses on time-based images of waves and assembling archival 16mm footage and frames into composite artwork.

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Shea Wachter

Shea Wachter


Shea Wachter was born and raised on Long Island, New York. The youngest and only brother to
Anny; Child of Peter & Daryl Wachter. Shea grew up in the suburban town of North Bellmore,
New York; attending Wellington C. Mepham High School. Through his higher education he
focused on the arts. Seeing and knowing this was of interest to him, he has always chosen to be
in art classes throughout his education. Due to North Bellmore’s very well-rounded and
rigorous art education classes, Shea in turn succeeded well within this subject and chose to
continue his education within this field.

While attending his senior year in Mepham, Shea achieved the 2018 Nassau All-county Art
Exhibition Scholarship recipient. As well as being one of a select few for attending a 6-8 week
drawing class at Adelphi University, held by Professor Robyn Cooper 2018. later attending
Adelphi University for a bachelors in Art & Design Education.

Within his first years at Adelphi he has worked heavily within the mediums and skill building of
drawing and acrylic/ oil painting. With Adelphi University’s Art education program, Shea
Later on finding himself working in sculpture and textile/ multi-medium designs. Within his
sculptures he tends to use materials such as plaster, resin and any other little materials ect. This
way of working allowed Shea to have a more expressive and opening way within his works.

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