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Mana artist, Maria Pavloska, latest interview with newspaper in Macedonia "VECER", regarding latest


Proud Macedonian among the greatest artists of the world

January 7, 2015

She was born in Skopje, is part of the New York art scene, has exhibitions in Paris, and her works recently voodooshevuvashe and jet set in Miami where exhibited the biggest names from the world of art ...

unnamed (1).jpg

Macedonian artist Mary Pavlovska recently introduced the world's most prestigious art fair Art Basel Miami where exhibited the biggest names from the world of art Marina Abramovic, Julian SNABA, Ray Smith, Francisco Clemente, Richard Prince ...

For three years Pavlovska is part of one of the most innovative contemporary art centers in the US The Contemporary Art Center MANA, which has its own studio, and its "neighbors" in MANA is KarolArmitrage, choreographer of Madonna and Beyonce, photographer Naomi Campbell, Sante D 'Orazio, legendary New York architect Richard Meier ...

A started the talent discovered from an early age ...

"Once you learn the pencil, paper and brush in hand, I could not and can not stop. Even in elementary school first prize competitions for painting and drawing were mine. I was the youngest Master of FLU and currently finalizing a PhD - Cultural Studies .. . ", began his story that Mary now lives and works in New York.

Given its activity, held numerous exhibitions and received awards represented Macedonia in Vienna, Paris, Berlin, Njujork, Sofia ...

"Thus began my collaboration with the world. In 2007, the competition of the Ministry of Culture was selected to present my country with a solo exhibition at Gallery MC New York. There, I got an offer for cooperation with two other galleries in Manhattan. Gallerists I offered cooperation and representation group exhibitions. I returned with new works and cooperation lasts to this day. I live from Skopje - New York, but I have active projects in Paris and Berlin, "says Mary.

Since then her career just go forward ... In 2012 won the prestigious award from Citibank New York solo exhibition in their gallery on 5th Avenue. So Macedonian author, became part of the New York scene!

"It was my own spectacular presentation and opening of" big back "in Njujork" adds Mary.

Since 2011 she has a studio in The Contemporary Art Center MANA in New York. An institution which is one of the most innovative contemporary art centers in the United States. From 6 storey gallery rooms with exhibitions of world renowned artists, two floors dedicated to ateliers, given the contemporary authors from all categories, painting, conceptual art, graphics, sculpture, photography, film, modern dance, sound ... For Mary these ateliers are 84 "collaborative place of cooperation, progressive environment of mutual ispiracija".

"In your own space MANA has Karole Armitage, one of the most choreography in the United States. Besides its presentation of modern dance, she works and choreography for performances of Sting, Madonna, Beyonce ... and we have the honor to sit together in the restaurant. His studio in MANA has photographer Sante D'Orazio - a legendary name in the field of photography, which cooperates with top models, and several times in MANA was present and Naomi Campbell. The same floor next to my studio is the studio of the legendary secular name - hyper realistic artist Yigal Ozeri ... that communicate daily. And Rey Smith also ... as well as the legendary New York architect Richard Meier, and their own space inMANA has Gary Lichtenstein Edition - Printing House ... satisfactory Cooperation of fault with Marina Abramovic, who 4 months ago had its performance in this area called "Duration 1 hour - one color", says Mary, who is also the youngest author who has his own studio inMANA.

And there, as he says, the competition and the fight for survival is huge. However, despite a yearreapliciranje for this space, it is Treand in MANA.

Also reached the Miami ...

"MANA Contemporary center first opened in New York in 2013 and Chicago in 2014 in Miami. The next opening of this center is planned in Los Angeles. In fact the great presentation - opening MANA in Miami was the year's Art Basel Miami. The huge rooms ( former film studios), now MANA presented 3 shows. In one of them titled "Monumental" were my works selected group of 17 authors of MANA, or who exhibited or collaborated with MANA. This is really a big step in my career, to be selected and presented at Art Basel Miami. I was also the youngest author of the selection of authors between Marina Abramovic, Julian SNABA, Ray Smith, Francisco Clemente ... under the curatorial director ofMANA Eugene Lemay ", explains Pavlovska.

84 studio-authors MANA be selected 20 and one of them Macedonian author says Mary znachenjesohuge given that Art Basel Miami is one of the highest valued art fairs in the world, not just the US, which happens every in the first week of December.

"To my great pleasure exhibit my works and pretstavuvanjeto of this world art fair saw a lot of visitors from the integrity of the world, and Dana Klein, Consul General of the Macedonian Consulate in Florida and Elias Tsvetanovski, secretary of the Macedonian Embassy in Washington. Joy was mutual. I Macedonian authors participated in Art Basel Miami, act and moment that every author from any place in the world is struggling to live, "says Mary.

And how were large and strong feelings of its participation in this event, we can only imagine ...

"I heard the words of Dana Klein, Mary, this is not just your success, this is a success for Macedonia! Macedonian author is a participant of the Art Basel Miami, a great success in the history of the Macedonian art! ... At that point I was proud that I represent Macedonia, despite the large and world-famous artists of today "... we discovered svote impressions and feelings Macedonian artists.

After returning from the Art Basel she received an invitation from the gallery "Drawing room" in New York during the month will be promoted with a catalog of drawings Pavlovska ... (DT)

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