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Past resident, Ekaterina Smirnova showing in "On + Of Paper" February 12th

On + Of Paper | Art345 Gallery

Opening Reception Thursday, February 12th 5-10pm

Location: Art345 Gallery | 345 E 104th Street, New York (East Harlem), NY 10029 MAP

Participating artists: Paul Ching-Bor, Norbert Waysberg, Ekaterina Smirnova,Chizuru Morii Kaplan, Leza Lin, Kathryn Keller Larkins, Elizabeth Allison Invited artist: Jaq Belcher

smirnova_opening feb12.jpeg

345 East 104th Street in East Harlem has become a temporary creative home to a group of contemporary artists, whose concentration is Work on Paper/Work of Paper. The medium has been selected precisely for its ability to channel intention and reveal action.

Paper allows for deep registry of a mark, a mood, a gesture. Paper is manufactured but remains alive – responsive to the environment... Our works represent how we look at life, at the ambiances of cities, at honesty, at destruction, at hope, at the very essence of human spirit – our own and that which we observe in the lives of others. We seek to imbue our works with our actions and intention so that they may in turn endue viewers with elemental, resonating visual experiences.

Visit the artists group website

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