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SOLIVAGANT* is pleased to present Hans Breder’s suite of works; Mindscape

53 Orchard St. (Between Grand St. and Hester St.) New York, NY 10001 Tel. +1 347 267 5703 – -

HANS BREDER Mindscape/The Subtle Body September 10 – October 11 Opening September 9 at 7pm

Curated by Lara Pan

SOLIVAGANT* is pleased to present Hans Breder’s suite of works Mindscape at its Lower East Side storefront and online at, as part of a new installation titled The Subtle Body. Set to an original composition performed with piano, trombone, and Tibetan singing bowl, the work immerses the viewer in an intricate puzzle of color and sound.

The video patterns in Mindscape/The Subtle Body are derived from re-processed footage of dance movements, slowly morphing and unfolding in response to the sound to activate all seven Chakras—the energy centers of the body through which human life force flows.

The initial storefront installation will change throughout the course of the exhibition, with all seven chakras on display during the opening and cycling through one of the seven chakras each day afterwards. The cycle will begin on Thursday, September 10 with the Root Chakra, followed by the remaining six in this order: Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. The installation will change in the final week to unify all seven chakras in a single entity, titled The Fractal Body.

A remote performance, From and There Too, will take place in Iowa City and be broadcast live in the installation on Friday, October 9 at 7pm. _______

Over the last six decades, Hans Breder’s intermedial sensibility has been expressed in and between painting, sculpture, photography, music, installation, video and film—each expression an invitation to subversive liminality and momentary transcendence. One of the first video artists whose work has been included in three Whitney Biennials, Hans Breder founded the Intermedia Program in the School of Art & Art History at the University of Iowa and directed it until his retirement as a Distinguished Professor in 2000. The internationally regarded program is built on Breder’s interdisciplinary inclination for intellectual and aesthetic collision.

Carl Skelton, Dr.-Ing. is a mash-up: New York-based artist, president of the Gotham Innovation Greenhouse, founder of the Betaville project, researcher in Residence in the department of Informatics at the Hochschule Bremen, and post-doctoral fellow at the Data Visualization Laboratory of Ontario College of Art and Design University in Toronto.

Special thanks to Anica Archip for press, Igor Molochevski for his sound intervention, Amanda Ryan for curatorial assistance, and Carl Skelton for his work on the installation design.

Presentations are on view daily from 9am to 7pm. Gallery space opens by appointment and exhibitions can be fully accessed 24/7 online at For press inquiries, please contact Anica Archip at

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