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Past Resident, Jan Davidoff | NIR ALTMAN GALERIE

Absolute Präsents Group exhibition by the artists: Thomas Thiede, Knopp Ferro and Jan Davidoff.

The exhibition runs from August 25 until September 25, 2016.

Jan Davidoff - Die Mengenbewegung, 100x200cm, Reliefdruck auf Messing gerahmt, 2015
Jan Davidoff

(*1976) grew up in Germany and Canada. Today he lives and works in Munich. After finishing high-school he studied painting with Anke Doberauer and Günther Jörg at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. In 2009 he completed his studies with a diploma. Thematically he deals primarily with humans and nature as well as their reciprocal relationship. In his paintings Davidoff merges the boundaries between figurativeness and abstraction. The contrast of nature and culture is clearly accentuated through absolute graphical reduction in black and white, whereas abstract lined-up surfaces of the background suggest three-dimensionality to the viewer. He works both on canvas as well as with different kind of metals. Davidoff's works are represented internationally in galleries and art-fairs. ** In collaboration with Galerie Andreas Binder, Munich

Thomas Thiede

(*1967) is a German artist who lives and works in Munich and Hamburg. He studied art history, philosophy and theatre studies at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. Further, he studied restoration/conservation at the Art Academy of Dresden and painting at the Art Academy of Düsseldorf. Thiede’s work is focused on two key aspects. The first field of activity is drawings and drawing based installations. Some of these space related drawing installations are site specific and are also named after their appearance. The second field of activity is an international artist exchange project called Collaboration, which he launched in 2008. Since then, the project has made over 10 stops, for instance in Great Britain, Serbia, Iceland, Slovakia, China and Finland.

Knopp Ferro

(*1953) is an Austrian sculptor, painter and performance artist. He lives and works in Munich and in Inning, Germany. He studied metal sculpture and performance at the Academy of Art & Design Cologne. Knopp Ferro is internationally renowned for his installations of metal sculptures; elaborate sculptures of wire and iron or stainless steel, reminiscent of mobiles. They hang from the ceiling, can be installed on walls or placed in a smaller format to stand. Forming the body of the upright or suspended sculpture, they are mostly fixed at one point and are perfectly counterbalanced. Despite their mass, they seem to float, almost in a state of weightlessness beyond gravity. These sculptures are complemented by drawings and sketches. His best known works - both as individual artists and as part of the artist group Jet Ferro - are now in galleries and exhibition spaces, and have already been shown at the invitation outside the Documenta in Kassel.

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