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Ekaterina Smirnova's Lunar Rock Garden for the Apollo 50th anniversary

Celebrating 50th anniversary of the Apollo Program

Lunar Rock Garden

Lunar soil simulant, volcanic terrestrial rocks Ontario Science Center, Toronto, Canada "Imagine yourself sitting alone in the most tranquil place on the Moon, Mare Tranquillitatis, the landing site of Apollo 11. Observe this rock garden. Watch the stones, sitting among you motionless for millions of years, only the strokes of imaginary water slowly move around them, and you. Think of life and its true meaning. Perhaps in the lunar surrounding where life is absolutely impossible due to the lack of liquid water, organic matter and life supporting conditions, you will come to the answer of the true meaning of life."

Also on display at the Ontario Science Center: "Apollo Lunar Module" water media, 2018 40" x 26" (102 x 66 cm)

This spring I joined professor Dennis Bodewits at Auburn University for the Annual Duncan Lecture on the topic "Water in Our Solar System". This lecture was accompanied with a sires of my water media paintings "67P" displayed at Jule Collins Smith Museum.

Apollo Program coloring prints are here! Feel free to download and print out any of the space mission coloring pages in both US and A4 formats: HERE

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