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Ekaterina Abramova's new solo show "INNER MASTERY".

We are proud to announce Ekaterina Abramova's new show "INNER MASTERY" at the Progressive Art Gallery in Delhi, India. She sent us this wonderful email about her show.
Dear Eileen,

My big dream, a long time in the making (almost 10 years) will soon come true... and I am so excited to share it with you! I am happy to invite you to my solo show at Visual Arts Gallery in Habitat Center in New Delhi, India. It's truly a blessing for me because the gallery who represents me is one of the most successful galleries in New Delhi! It's a Progressive Art Gallery and my curator is the director and founder of the gallery, R. N. Singh. As you may know I was living in India for many years and I was working and exhibiting a lot my artwork in India, so for a long time I have admired modern Indian artists like: M. F. Husain, A. H. Raza, F. N. Sousa, and ofcourse the Russian artist Nicholas Roerich.

All of them were artists from this gallery and R. N. Singh is still working with their art today. I am proud to be in such great company! I believe our collaboration will be successful! The opening of my solo show: Inner Mastery will be February 15th 2020, from 5:30pm till 7:30 pm. Progressive Art Gallery, New Delhi, India. R. N. Singh curator and founder of the gallery.

Love & Joy, Ekaterina.

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