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Fantastic painters in the Po Valley

Gabriele Grones, Frammento, 2018, oil on canvas, cm 40x60

Past resident Grabriele Grones will be exhibiting his work at Padiglione d'Arte Contemporanea in Ferrara, Italy. The opening of the event will be on July 3rd to September 27th! 


The exhibition scheduled at the Contemporary Art Pavilion in Ferrara offers an artistic itinerary to discover the Po and its imaginary

Fantastic painters in the Po Valley is the art of our time, our space and the imagination of42 fantastic artists, whatever the meaning we want to give this adjective.We are in Ferrara or in the last stretch of the Po Valley, geographical and poetic definition (in the manner of Mario Soldati) which designates the entire basin from Monviso to the Delta, including the mountainous initial section.

This is more than a contemporary art exhibition: it is aliving art exhibition, like all its protagonists.And much more than a generically Italian or even more generically international art exhibition: it is the peculiarly Po Valley art exhibition.Beauty that, in this form, could not exist elsewhere.

For many paintings displayed "fantastic" has the value of hyperbole, of superlative and admirative adjective.For many others it also means "created by fantasy, or in which fantasy predominates", as the surreal compensates for the flatness of reality, and the most bizarre dream comes from the most uniform plain.

All the artists on display were born or residing near the longest river in Italy.All the works are linked to the territory: some already existing, many created specifically to recreate the humanistic, and therefore human, link between places and clients, between places and art.Cities, towns, bridges, churches, parks, rice paddies, fish, patron saints, personalities of Ovid or Ariosto or of modern life are pictorially celebrated, animated by the breath of art intended as compensation and therapy.

Fantastic painters in the Po Valley brings Ferrara back to the center of artistic production and aims to reactivate the glorious Po polycentrism today suffering from the strong attraction exercised by Milan.Once again, many years after the Ferrara Workshop and the Metaphysics, great Italian artists appear on the banks of the Po and begin to paint.


From 1st July to 31st October 2020. The Pavilion of Contemporary Art, with the exhibition Fantastic Painters in the Po Valley, takes part in the tourism promotion initiative to visit the city's museums with a 30% reduction . Deliver your receipt of at least 10 euros to the IAT (Tourist Information Office - entrance from the courtyard of the Estense Castle) within 48 hours and collect the coupon for the discount to be used in one of the Museums of the Municipality of Ferrara.

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