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Studio News from Suzan Globus

2022 was a pivotal year. I went from showing work in a record breaking number of exhibits in 2021 to realizing exhibiting in 13 shows in 12 months meant too much time out of the studio. I was eager to begin a deep dive into working off the canvas after completing a body of work limited to large scale paintings on canvas at a residency.

Conjoin, 48'“x 72”, Acrylic, graphite on unprimed canvas, 2021. Private collection. Image: Ana Ryabstov


In the studio in 2022, I expanded my multi-year investigation of bark and discarded materials.

Free Territory Of, 16” x 15” x 8”, mixed media on Eucalyptus bark with brass rods, 2022. Image: SRS Photography

I sought opportunities with researched curators to whom my unconventional dimensional work might appeal. I was honored to be accepted into the Chautauqua School of Art residency program in Chautauqua, NY from June-August. There I was encouraged to pursue my additional interests in photography, sculpture, print making, video and ceramics.

Image: Suzan Globus 2022

Intaglio printed on Paper Birch bark, 10” x 9”, 2022. Image: Suzan Globus

Raku ceramics, 2022. Image: Suzan Globus

I grew comfortable with the idea of being a multi-disciplinary artist and am confident in my ability to pursue my interests where ever they lead me. Currently I am researching quantum physics, time, fractals and, as always, the environment as they relate to my work. So far, 2023’s calendar includes my first installation at Chashama Matawan in the Spring and a collaborative performance at the Two River Theater in Red Bank, NJ. I am deeply grateful for your support and interest along this journey, and I hope you will stay in touch.

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