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Gabriela Horikawa

Jenny Nolan

Jenny Nolan is an artist based in Jersey City, NJ. She is inspired by living on Earth and looking
around. Through her work, she rigorously explores and researches specific sites or objects. She
then presents them to the viewer through her lens using materials that offer visual, auditory, and textural perception.



Camila Lacroze

Itzhaq Mevorah

Itzhaq Mevorah was born in 1971 in Tel Aviv, Israel to a family of artists, who started their way in the beginning of the century in Bulgaria. From a very young age Mevorah has decided to be an artist. In his own words: "The choice of going in an artistic path was strongly impacted by the major injury my father has gone through when he was in a war. I was 11 years old when it happened, and from that moment on I had decided that I am going to paint. I have decided that from that point I will paint my life with the colors that I will choose and not with the colors of grief. My father died few years after his injury." Mevorah finished in 1999 his studies in Avni Institute of Art and Design in Tel Aviv.

The artist describes his style as "Neo-Pop" and wishes to combine in his art his love for the design world alongside his skills as an artist. In his work he takes inspiration from his personal experience and from observing the world around him. " I choose a subject while experiencing cultural, spiritual, or actual experiences that meets me in my everyday life, and I try to combine them with the known motives I always use in my artwork." says Mevorah. The artist works adorns public spaces, offices and private collections in Israel and around the world.


Diana Nicolaie

Diana Nicolaie creates distinctive, monumental pieces and proper installations on canvas. The visual artist's work is based on the play with varied shapes and textures, strong volumes and mixed techniques, using the play of lights and shadows as an open invitation to the viewer to enter her artistic universe.

Her debut exhibition, LIGHT: An Airy Viewpoint of Density, presented mixed-media art pieces that vividly illustrated the symbols of light: Life, Divinity, Hope, Truth, Celebration, Purity, Guidance and Knowledge. In white tones, the pieces seamlessly blended painting, structural elements and light, all enhanced by a unique olfactory experience in her native Bucharest, Romania. Months later, Diana Nicolaie exhibited her artworks in New York City in October 2023.

"In my perspective, light is the unifying force that harmonizes perspectives, emotions and disparate worlds, guiding the viewer toward introspection. Light converges various viewpoints on what we feel and experience, transforming a moment, an emotion, or an image into a unique and defining encounter. In my art, I aim to capture the artful fusion of sculpture and painting in conveying a message through light. Light remains constant while we interpret images, textures and ideas differently. It is the element that breathes life and emotion into an image defined by shadows and colors," explained Diana Nicolaie.

Diana Nicolaie also designed the exhibition from the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, "Bags: Inside Out", presented at the Art Safari Museum in Bucharest, on display between September 2023 and January 2024.

Her work has been featured in various publications.

Diana Nicolaie graduated from Product Design at the "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest, the most prestigious architecture university in Romania. An artist of objects, Diana has dedicated herself to the profession of interior and product design since graduation, embodying emotion in shapes and colours with each unique product created. In 2023, she decided to explore and reveal the artistic side she has been drawn to since childhood, becoming the designer of her own imagination.

"In 2023, I realized that anything is possible. After years of dedicated work, I found the courage to enter the art world, and now I have the privilege of sharing my vision in the vibrant tapestry of the NJ and NYC area. Here, amidst the bustling energy, some of the world's finest artists come together, weaving their talents to create magic on canvas" concluded Diana Nicolaie.

leonard cicio.jpeg

Leonard Cicio

Len Cicio is a draftsman, born in Brooklyn and currently living in Manhattan’s last natural forest, Inwood Park. His interest in design patterns, led him to an Associate Degree at The Fashion Inst. Of Technology, in textile design where he worked 15 years in home furnishings in the NYC market.

The subways, architecture and abstract geometrics, are his focus, with an emphasis on NYC and Brooklyn architecture. His favorite mediums are colored pencils, pen & ink, watercolors, and oil pastels. He became part of a juried group exhibition at The Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition. Len was commissioned by a non-profit organization “Operation Exodus,” helping teenagers from Manhattan, to draw an original cityscape. This was raffled off at their 20th year anniversary gala in Soho.

In 2016 he was one of the 32 artists featured in the illustrative magazine “Gwan Anthology,” led by Brooklyn illustrator, Jerome Walford. Online, he was a featured artist of Curator Magazine, Artsy Shark and Manhattan Arts International. There was a solo exhibit at The Dyckman Farmhouse Museum and The Armin & Estelle Gold Wing Gallery, in Upper Manhattan.

His work is presently in private collections of NYC residents. In 2023, Elizabeth Von Lehe, the Chairperson of The National Society of Interior Designers, chose 5 of his pieces, for a brand new installation at Valley Hospital in Paramus NJ.


Sabine Kuehner

Sabine Kühner is a German artist best known for her abstract representational paintings. Her works encourage the viewer to decipher the visions hidden in them for themselves. In a time of ubiquitous overstimulation and losing oneself, her paintings lead the viewer to their own aliveness and an awareness of what life is all about.

Her artistic practice uses a language of expressive gesture and color in the style of abstract expressionism and color field painting. In doing so, she explores the limits of what is possible on canvas, reflecting the sometimes exuberant diversity of our world.

She studied painting with highly regarded artists like Markus Lüpertz, Jerry Zeniuk, Siegfried Anzinger and Pia Fries. While she has been working with colors on various media for most of her life, the opening of her own studio in 2010 allowed her to focus on her artistic development. Since then her works have been shown in multiple solo and group exhibitions. In 2021 she won the first price of her home city Holzkirchen for a large permanent installation in the public space called “58 and me”.

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